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Our Thesis

Being a forever student, always soaking up new information, and learning from everything you can is the foundation of a successful entrepreneur and business.

"Stay Spongy" is a goofy way to voice a hugely important concept. This mindset is what sprung the entirety of the show, and will be the main fountain of inspiration from which we curate, create, and release content for you.

From Your Host

What's going on everybody! I'm John McLucas, and I am SUPER stoked to be bringing you the podcast every single week, and delivering a lot of value that's helping us all improve our music careers. 

I started out about 5 years ago (not including the 7 years of learning instruments and playing in local bands without serious ambition) in this business. I went from just-moved-to-Los-Angeles-and-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing to having a thriving music production company, McLucas Media, with my first full-time employee. 

I went through a LOT of growing pains along the way, and only found quick momentum after adopting the "Stay Spongy" approach. I reset myself as a hungry student of my craft and business, and things have taken off in a big way! 

As I continue to learn and grow, I will pass it along to the podcast, as this is a journey through our careers together! I don't ever claim to be the master of any field but I will be in the trenches, working hard to improve myself at any moment I can spare.


I always am looking for feedback and ideas for episodes, so don't hesitate to contact me or DM @stayspongyshow on Facebook or Instagram :)