• John McLucas

Gratitude and Priorities - The Mindset Shift That Started It All

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Organization is important, but it will only become a true habit if your priorities are in order. Let's talk about why priorities MATTER!

Today's episode is all about organization, task management, and project management. If you haven't yet, make sure to listen below, as the specifics in the podcast will be different than what we cover here in the blog!

Also, welcome to the blog! It's me, your host John. It's exciting to be able to create written word content for everyone, and a new way to put down the information I'm soaking in every week.

All of this life management and business organization is super rad, and important to keep the chaotic stress of life in order, but all of these intense and very deliberate systems only came into place recently. What I want to talk about is setting priorities and sticking to them, and how that informed all of my organization decisions.

As creatives & freelancers, we all have the ambition of "making it work" for whatever our endeavor is, be it music production, mixing, songwriting, being an artist, etc., but I found myself as well as many around me not acting in accordance with the desire to make it work. This could include things such as hours of mindless scrolling on IG, Netflix, bar happy hours, eating out a lot, video games, leasing fancy cars, and so much more...

Overindulging in unnecessary BS shows our true feelings; anyone who is wasting so much precious time when they have such ambition they are "going to be huuuuge bro" doesn't truly want it, they are in love with the IDEA of it.

If you have a side hustle you are talking up to people, but still play 1-4 hours of Fortnite a week, that's a clear indication that your priority is not in your business at all. Your priority is escapism and procrastination from looking at the hard work ahead. This is exactly where I was at one point, and of course I didn't have much momentum career-wise.

Anyone who is wasting so much precious time ... doesn't truly want it, they are in love with the IDEA of it.

Then, through multiple intense conversations with family, loved ones, and friends, I started to experience a shift in my mindset and approach to my circumstance around me.

The immense good fortune that exists in 99.99999% of our lives is absolutely stunning, but it goes SO horribly under appreciated, as our culture is so focused around what we don't have.

The gratitude and appreciation I have been able to find in every moment of my day affects me so heavily that I feel guilty NOT taking advantage of every moment I can with a level head. I know that, even in the lowest points of my life, there are millions of people that would likely KILL in order to have the opportunity I have.

I honestly couldn't fathom the possibility of letting it pass anymore than I already have.

That's why the focus for everything has been so intense, and why I make a very conscious effort to organize my life. I know that being efficient, productive, and open minded (spongy :P) is the only way to keep evolving myself and my business, as well as make time for the family, friends, and loved ones around me.

So what is your true priority? Do your actions in the last 3 months reflect that priority? If not, what are you doing that isn't lining up?

Comment down below and let's talk it out, <3

Work hard, always learn, and #stayspongy.

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